Gregory Darling: Courtesy of FOD Records

Gregory Darling: Courtesy of FOD Records


IndieStardust is a documentary film about artists of all kinds in different mediums, and the effect of the indie and digital revolution on their ability to create their art and continue to make a living, compared to just a few short years ago.

The film depicts the journey that artists are taking whilst facing the extreme challenges brought on by the transformation of the new entertainment industry.

IndieStardust explores and explains this phenomenal new media revolution. As the technology expanded, it became the catalyst of the indie revolution. The beginning of the end!
^The film focuses on musicians, actors, filmmakers, comedians and writers. As they learn to navigate the transition, view their successes and failures! The traditional creative art and entertainment business models have shifted and now “new platforms” take center stage!

IndieStardust will be utilizing ‘new media in the creation of this film. This means that YOU too become a contributor! We invite you to use your iPhones, iPads, and Video Cameras to make HD video of yourself and your new media setups, all while speaking of your experiences and successes using new/social media to promote and share your artform.

Have fun filming! We are all in this together! 


"IndieStardust" Official Poster