Director:  Karen A. Brown

Producer:  Bettina Tendler-O'Mara

Producer:  Karen A. Brown 

Executive Producer: Ed Hale

Co-Producer: J. Marshall Craig
Co-Director: Jeff Michalski
Editor: Garrett Sergeant

Associate Producer: Gigi Shapiro-Kulick

Sound Mixer: Bill Jenkins

Music Supervisor: Howard "Howie" Lindeman

Creative Director: William M. Goertel

Additional Cinematography
Jay Kulick
Jeff Michalski
Karl Kwashivie
Paul Dean
Brian Knight
Wade Colin
Doug Branson
KidRon Burgundy
Dave Painchaud
Louise Palanker
Dave Painchaud

"With or Without This Song" Music and Words: Gregory Darling

Mixed by Howard "Howie" Lindeman

Video Directed by Karl Kwashivie
Sound engineer: Gregory Darling: 
Mastered by: Howard "Howie" Lindeman

Gregory Darling appears Courtesy of FOD Records   
"With or without this song" from the album "Coloured Life" FOD Records