As an Artist: Talk about what the moment was like when technology and entertainment intersected and you realized you weren't going to be able to earn a living the way you had been.

As an Executive: Talk about the moment when you realized you would have to tell all the talent you'd been working with for years that there was no longer a business.

Questions to answer are: Can you tell me about the struggle of an Indie Creative in today's environment? What are your personal challenges? Begin with your name and occupation and if you have worked with anyone with a public presence, awards, etc..  [Discuss anything pertaining to the costs to and from jobs/gigs to the lack of payment as a blogger to not being able to promote your project without working two jobs etc.. How hard it is to hold down a job you hate to pay for your art because it no longer pays you your worth or at all. Feel free to discuss schooling, past successes, basic health issues. Topics that make things more difficult, etc.]

What we are looking for from you: Sound bytes! Great one-liners on what you have been going through! Footage of Filmmakers, Musicians Bands, Comedians, Comedy Writers, Music Bloggers, Artists, Producers, Directors, Writers ...anyone who is in a creative industry trying to figure this all out as the tech industry has inadvertantly slammed the old ways to complete disfunction! We want footage from YOU anywhere in the world, any age, race etc..

Time: No more than 5-7 minutesSchedule: We hope to have all the footage in by mid - May or sooner for Phase 1 and get a Trailer up soon after!

Sending in Footage: Send us your footage via Dropbox/ YouSendIt! Just email us at

Release forms must be signed for us to use your footage. As soon as you send in footage we will send the release. 

Credits: Everyone we use in the film will be credited on IMDb and in the film credits!  Everyone that sends us footage that we use in the film will be credited as an additional photographer!

All added footage not used in the film will be edited and shared on out YouTube Channel. Your Voice will be heard!